Medela’s Freestyle Electric Portable Breast Pump With Calma Teat is the only research-based breast pump that mimics your baby’s natural nursing rhythm. It’s also the world’s smallest high-performance electric pump, guaranteeing ultra comfortable and effective expression.
• Medela’s Freestyle Electric Portable Breast Pump is the only research-based breast pump to mimic a baby’s nursing rhythm. It stands out from all others due to its high-performance, super comfortable, pioneering design.

As the smallest high-performance breast pump in the world, Medela’s Freestyle Electric Portable Breast Pump gives mums more time to get on with their day and great flexibility to choose when to express to suit them best. A rechargeable battery gives 3 hours of pumping time, which is the equivalent of a week’s worth of pumping for other mums. You’ll also be able to express at night, as the pump is quiet and has an LCD display. And, the memory function on the Medela Freestyle Electric Portable Breast Pump allows you to record your favourite pumping pattern and select it at any time, making expressing quick and comfortable.

Features and benefits

  • Unique research-based 2-phase expression which mimics a baby’s nursing rhythm, making it more gentle on the breast
  • The world’s smallest high-performance electric breast pump that gives more milk in less time and generates maximum milk flow – allowing mums more time and flexibility to express milk when it’s convenient
  • Choose between single and double pumping – whatever suits you best
  • The Medela set includes: 4 x 150ml bottles with Calma teat, breast pump, 2 x bottle stands, motor unit, 4 bottle lids and disc, 2 x bottle caps, cooler bag and 2 x breast shields
  • BPA-free for added peace of mind
  • Requires Lithium Ion Battery batteries (included)

Free 2 year guarantee

…this compact pump that gives you more flexibility when expressing due to it’s high performance.
2x PersonalFit breast shield (size M: 24 mm)
2x Multi-lid
1x Freestyle tubing

1x Mains adapter
1x Rechargeable battery
1x Freestyle bag
1x Cooler bag
1x Cooling element
1x Calma solitaire
4x Disposable Nursing pads

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