• Upright and the new Newborn Masks are designed to make it easier to obtain mask seal and provide effective ventilations.
  • With few parts, Upright is simple to disassemble and clean.
  • Upright is available with the NeoNatalie Complete kit, and can also be ordered separately.
  • Oxygen kit is also available upon request.


Demonstration Video



Key Features

  • Upright design improves mask seal by helping users provide even downward pressure onto mask.
  • New and improved mask enables a better seal and is also designed to give a snap fit with the Upright bag and the NeoNatalie Resuscitator, to prevent the mask from disconnecting from the bag during use.
  • Translucent materials allow visual inspection of cleanliness and valve function. With fewer parts, Upright can more easily be high-level disinfected in low-resource settings.
  • Silicone bag increased to help compensate for mask leakage and air released through pop-off safety valve when user is ventilating too vigorously, but can also be folded for reduced volume during transportation.
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