CarePlus is designed with a goal to help mothers in providing continuous and quality KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) to their newborns, also after hospital discharge. The ergonomic wrap design keeps the baby securely in place with little strain on the shoulder and back of the mother

Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo mother care (KMC) has been studied now for over thirty years. KMC involves skin to skin contact between the mother and the newborn, specifically having the baby positioned on mom’s chest in an upright position. The concept originates from the Australian marsupial (kangaroo) which carries its baby (Joey) in a pouch for approximately four months after birth. The interaction between mom and baby means that baby relies on mom’s warmth, love and nutrition. Many studies have shown that KMC is an invaluable therapy for both newborn baby and the new mom.

Together with PreemieNatalie Preterm Simulator, and MamaBreast Breastfeeding Simulator, CarePlus is excellent to use in the Essential Care for Every Baby training as well as in other training programs focusing on premature care and essential newborn care.


Key Features

  • Safe – CarePlus is more secure and keeps babies in correct posture when providing KMC.
  • Comfortable – CarePlus allows unrestricted movement and causes less fatigue in the back and shoulders. There are no knots in the back, so it is comfortable to use while lying down.
  • Easy To Use – Does not require an assistant to put on and facilitates breastfeeding.
  • Gender Neutral – Acceptable to wear for fathers as well as mothers.
  • Use with MamaBreast Breastfeeding Simulator to practice essential newborn care
  • Use with PreemieNatalie Preterm Simulator to practice essential newborn care


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